Sell tickets, not your soul.

Being an organized event planner shouldn't mean giving away revenue. Every year, event planners all over the world spend millions of dollars in unnecessary service fees just to sell their own tickets and track their own customers. Waliko was founded on a very simple principle: Running your business shouldn't put you out of business. Event software continues to increase in pricing with nothing to show for it except more complicated interfaces. We're here to allow you to easily set up and plan events without charging you the outrageous fees.

Our goal is to create reasonably priced software that's incredibly easy to use. Join us to as we add more features and improve your managing experience without jacking up the prices or charging extra fees down the road.


Waliko is proudly based in New York City. For more information about us see our Help center and FAQ. You can also follow our Facebook page so we can invade your personal news feeds!