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Waliko is a platform for events that allows people to connect directly to the events that match their interests without having to sift through cluttered listings and extra details. We find the event for you, and then send you an invitation as soon as it's live, so that you can make plans early and always get the cheapest tickets.

For event organizers, we also provide an end-to-end solution that allows you to sell tickets, track sales and analytics, and easy integration with MailChimp for marketing.

Whatever event-related service you need, Waliko is here to help!

We believe making plans should be effortless. We believe in a world where if there is something cool happening, and you want to know about it, then you'll be invited. It's that simple. Our technology searches through listings not just on Waliko, but on other event platforms like Eventbrite to ensure that you aren't missing out on something you'd want to attend.

Other event services and apps require you to sift through hundreds - sometimes thousands - of listings just to find something relevant to you. If you're new to a city, you would usually have to make friends with the right people to hear about cooll things happening. At Waliko, our job is to connect you to cool events to make sure you meet those cool people. All you need to know is what you love to do. Once your profile is created and your interests are listed, the app requires no more input from you. Your job is to wait for fun times.

As a result of this, if you are an event host, it means you no longer have to worry about spreading your event around by spamming other in hopes of getting them to re-spam your event. With our Smart Event Technology (SET), your event "travels" to the people who want to hear about it, giving you much more time to focus on the other parts of hosting. The fun parts.

Event-goers trust that they can attend events with confidence on Waliko. Reviews provide a way for organizers to get honest feedback, and inform others about the quality of event that can be expected. Because reviews directly affect an organizer's EventPoints, any attempt to manipulate reviews, including by directly or indirectly submitting false, inauthentic content, is strictly prohibited.

If we determine that anyone has attempted to manipulate reviews we may suspend or terminate your event privileges, remove reviews, or completely recoup EventPoints. We encourage anyone who suspects that review manipulation is taking place to notify us. The concern will be investigated and appropriate actions will be taken if necessary.

With the exception of criminal or adult industry activity, there are no restrictions. Your events are live as soon as they are submitted, and the platform is monitored to ensure a certain standard of content. Please note that unlike other event websites and apps, Waliko requires you to upload a flyer of image with your event. This is to maintain the quality of the platform, as well as give potential attendees a visual representation of what your event will be about.

The categories are for organizing events by their most general description. When choosing a category you should choose the one that caters to the broadest demographic you are trying to reach, which will also make your event easier to find for people who are browsing the site. For example, if you are hosting a dance battle where dinner will be served, then it would be better to list your event under "Dance" to make sure that you are reaching the primary audience first. It is a dance event with food. Generally speaking, you should use the category as a generality and reserve your event tag for something more specific.

Yes! Waliko uses Stripe for payment processing, so you can be sure that all of your information is fully protected. Please note that if your account is not connected to a bank, your event's tickets will be listed as unavailable until you have provided us with a bank account to deposit the ticket sale revenue into.

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