How Waliko Works

Whether you're looking to get in on a marathon or the next presedential election, there's something for everyone on Waliko!

Direct Invite

User interests

You already know exactly what you like doing. The hard part has always been how to find it. With Direct Invite, all you have to do is list any and everything you're interested in, and Waliko will automatically notify you whenever an event of that type is coming up. That's it. You can also set specifications such as notification radius, age group preference, and text message invitations. Direct invitations allow you to be as vague or specific as you like, without having to worry about irrelevant notifications. If you didn't list it, you won't hear about it.

Creating and tagging events


Waliko's easy event creation allows you to sell tickets directly from your event page, view guests and estimated invitation reach, as well as collect money from ticket sales directly into your bank account. Upon creating your event, you are allowed to add an event tag that will instantly send invitations to potential attendees about your event, whether you know them or not. This will provide everyone who wants to know about your event with the opportunity to come-- all without you having to lift a finger. It's important to tag your event accurately, as users have the ability to report invitations as accurate or inaccurate, and mirepresenting your events could result in decreased EventPoints.

Have more fun with Waliko

Waliko is designed to help you find the best events for you on any given day by sorting through thousands of New York events and inviting people to the ones they want to hear about.