The Waliko Story

It was a winter evening in February 2014. We were in attendance of a gathering where the host had stopped at nothing to make this one to remember. In all his preparations, the host was left with the time to invite everyone he possible could ... no one. This event struck the creators of Waliko as such a tragedy that all along the drive home, they pondered an idea, something that could literally save events.

The idea was an event sharing platform. Another event sharing platform? Absolutely not! This technology would be built not to extract exorbitant fees from other people's ticket sales. No, this technology would be founded on one single, immutable principle:

No one should miss an event just because they didn't know it was happening

We set out to build you a service that invites you to events based soley on your interests. Not advertisements and not those false "recommendations" that are simply reminders of a page you viewed earlier. It was time for a service that took information provided solely by you, one that sent you notifications with full confidence that you wanted to hear about it.

Connecting a City

New York City is a haven for anyone who aspires to be anything, and naturally, our communities reflect that. Waliko was built by people who get it. There are a hundred things to do in NYC on any given day. With so many events happening, it's impossible to find what you like —— and more importantly, what you like most —– using the boring, generic event categories that other services provide (Business, Sports, Art, etc). Platforms like Facebook require you to maintain active connections with the right people and the right brands in order to get relevant event information. Waliko reverses that model.

Tag an interest, Get invited

Using Waliko allows you to tag an interest in your profile, whatever it may be, and get notified whenever an event that matches up with something you like to do. Tags allow people like you to get invited whenever there's a #halo5 tournament this weekend or a #salsa dance party tonight. Simply tag it on your profile and wait for an invitation. No need to follow any pages. And you never have to worry about spam. If you're not interested in an event, you won't hear about it.

Whether you're buying tickets to an #acroyoga class, or just staying in the know about the #parkour scene in Brooklyn, Waliko is the easiest way to stay connected and the best way to try something new!