Waliko's pricing model is simple and straightforward. Event-goers pay nothing to use the platform. Organizing groups is free for 2 groups up to 300 members per group. Waliko also allows you to easily sell tickets or collect contributions for your group. Paid accounts also allow you to collect membership dues via a fixed amount or a pay-what-you-want model.

Free accounts
  •   Join your favorite groups
  •   Organize up to 2 groups
  •   Organize 1 event per group
  •   Sell tickets for group events
  •   300 members per group
Paid accounts ($5/month)
  •   Join your favoirte groups
  •   Organize unlimited groups
  •   Organize unlimited events
  •   Sell tickets for group events
  •   Collect contributions & Membership dues
  •   Unlimited group members